Deploying safe autonomous systems is extraordinarily challenging.
We have gathered the world's best safety experts with the right tools and techniques to help you deploy with confidence.

Safer Perception for Autonomy

ECR is piloting Hologram to make machine learning safe for important applications from advanced driver assistance systems to air taxis, from manufacturing to face recognition. Hologram is a platform under development that will help find and help you fix edge cases in perception algorithms that trip up machine learning. Hologram makes testing far more efficient by turning every mile driven by a real vehicle into millions of potential scenarios in an effort to root out the “unknown unknowns” as quickly and safely as possible.

reliable software for autonomy

No matter how many tests you run on a prototype or small-scale deployment, the real world has a way of presenting scenarios that you can't imagine or can't test for. Switchboard helps you find problems before your software is fielded. Switchboard is a scalable, cloud-based automated robustness testing tool that finds ways in which complex software is unsafe or unreliable.

Autonomous system safety accelerated

Autonomy poses unique challenges to conventional safety approaches, and we know because ECR has helped clients plan and execute a number of system safety programs in defense, automotive, and other applications. These programs depend on the ability to iterate and converge on a successful safety concept. Informed by our decades of expertise in both safety and autonomy, MISSA was developed to more efficiently and completely identify & model safety risks posed by complex systems.



Embedded code is different, as ECR learned from over 200 completed training engagements across a variety of different industries, countries, and cultures. Led by one one of the most experienced and skilled experts in the field, Dr. Phil Koopman, ECR's experts have trained embedded software teams to develop high-quality, secure embedded software systems more quickly.


When you are developing a product or preparing for deployment, do you know where your biggest software system issues are? Risk Identifications are quick-turnaround diagnoses of your process and code in order to help you deploy more quickly and with confidence. We will find potential issues with your software and provide a path towards fixing those issues as quickly and painlessly as possible. 


We have consulted on a wide variety of systems and industries, conducting a variety of different engagements: functional safety for autonomous vehicles, robotics software test design and review, unit, integration, regression testing, discrete event simulation, state machine-based design, robust system design; embedded communications, security, processor applications, and others.