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"Kaarta’s real-time 3D mapping innovation is fundamentally changing both the way real world scenes are captured and the workflow to put these 3D models into action. To ensure we deliver the optimum customer experience with complex yet secure software, we partnered with Edge Case Research in the development of our latest product, Contour. They helped us to review and install best practices in our embedded software architecture, system security, testing planning and test setup. In addition, they helped us to improve and analyze the results of our simulation testing to make sure that we found any problems in our embedded code before we shipped."

-Dr. Kevin Dowling, CEO, Kaarta


"The safety of our consumers and their children is of the utmost importance to 4moms.  4moms’ products are designed to meet or exceed all quality and safety standards.  Thanks to Edge Case Research, we are better able to deliver on that promise.  Their team has helped to ensure the software that controls our products not only works well, but works safely.  Their guidance has helped us to develop competencies that allow us to deliver products more quickly and confidently."


"Bossa Nova deploys robots in retail stores to detect and report on-shelf inventory problems. Our robots navigate autonomously around shoppers and store employees, so safety is of critical importance. Edge Case Research worked with us to create a containerized, portable testing simulation environment that allowed us to test autonomy and develop safety solutions. Simulation allows us to dramatically accelerate the pace and breadth of testing to improve the quality and safety of our autonomy software."


"Aquion Energy’s clean, safe, and cost-effective batteries are used around the world in mission-critical applications, from supporting the electricity grid to providing reliable power for remote cabins. Many of Aquion’s customers want to monitor their batteries' performance in order to optimize battery usage. Edge Case Research was essential to improving our monitoring software by helping to enhance the security and robustness of the software update mechanism. Their expertise has helped us deliver increased value and system reliability to our customers."


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