Autonomous vehicles and robotics

If you are developing an autonomous robot or vehicle, you are on the bleeding edge of what is possible. You are likely discovering and dealing with issues on a daily basis that you didn't know were possible the day before. Developing, training, and validating deep learning algorithms is incredibly challenging.

Edge Case Research has been at the forefront of accelerating the deployment of safe and robust machine learning systems. We are used to operating in safety-critical spaces. Our proprietary robustness testing methodologies and experience in autonomy and deep learning will help you deploy more quickly and with confidence. 


Consumer electronics and the internet of things

Developers are creating extraordinary software-dependent products to add convenience and functionality into everyday life. Software-enabled products in consumer electronics range from refrigerators that can automatically track inventory and build a shopping list to robotic strollers that open and close at the touch of a button. All of this convenience, however, comes at a cost of having to develop complex embedded software systems that have to interact with a messy real world.

One of the most important lessons we have learned over the past few years is that software almost always gets more complex more quickly than developers anticipated. We have dealt with a variety of different embedded software systems - including safety-critical systems - and our mentoring and training services can help you deal with that complexity and lower your risk. 


Industrial controls and embedded systems

Embedded software typically costs between $15 and $40 per line of code. If you have a major defect in that code, that cost can easily balloon 10-100x, especially if litigators get involved or expensive recalls become necessary. In addition, embedded software has become ubiquitous and increasingly represents a prime competitive differentiator. 

Edge Case Research can help by lowering the risk posed by software bugs and improving the capabilities of your teams to deliver high-value, differentiating software. With over 200 training engagements and a variety of consulting and testing engagements, we can help you deliver high-quality code for your current project and train your teams to do so in the future as well.