Mike Wagner to speak on autonomous vehicle safety at AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems Defense 2016 Conference

On Thursday, October 27, CEO Mike Wagner will be speaking at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems Defense conference in Arlington, VA. Unmanned Systems Defense is a conference that intends to bring together government program managers, decision makers, and technology experts for three intensive days of information sharing and interaction. At the conference, Wagner will speak as part of a panel on the Future of Ground Robot Autonomy; the panel will focus on safety challenges for autonomous robotic safety in particular.

Software testing is all too often simply a "bug hunt" rather than a well-considered exercise in ensuring quality. We need more than a simple cycle of system-level "test-fail-patch-test" to deploy safe autonomous vehicles into critical defense applications. Traditional software-safety processes tie each type of testing to a corresponding design or requirement document; however, these processes face challenges when applied to algorithms necessary for autonomous systems.

We have identified several major challenge areas in testing, and will discuss promising potential solutions. While significant challenges remain in safety-certifying the types of algorithms used to achieve artificial intelligence, it seems within reach to instead architect such a system to support existing software safety approaches.

If you are interested to see how the (ever-closer) future of autonomous robotics will evolve and what can be done to address the complex challenges involved in developing safe, secure systems, you will want to attend.

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