Edge Case Research will be at CMU's TOC on Day 1

If you are a software engineer, computer engineer, or software developer graduating soon from Carnegie Mellon University or are looking for an internship in the coming months, be sure to stop by ECR’s booth at the Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) on Monday, September 19. We will be located in Booth 104.

Working with ECR means working with a small team of some of the best embedded software experts in the world. We are hired by innovators around the world working to bring some of the most disruptive and essential technologies to market: autonomous vehicles and robotics, advanced consumer electronics/the IoT, and industrial embedded software developers.

Skills we are looking for:
Software development
Software engineering
Embedded systems software
Machine learning
Data science

Job Openings:
Software Engineers
Software Developers
Embedded Systems Engineers
Embedded Systems Developers
Embedded Software Safety Specialists
Embedded Safety Consultants

We’re particularly – but not exclusively - interested in those who have taken these courses:
15-313 - Foundations of Software Engineering
15-413 - Software Engineering Practicum
15-414 - Bug Catching: Automated Program Verification
15-424 - Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems
17-673 - Software Development Studio III
18-348 - Embedded Systems Engineering
18-349 - Embedded Real-Time Systems
15/18-410 - Operating System Design and Implementation
18-549 – Embedded Systems Design
18-648 – Embedded Real-Time Systems
18-649 - Distributed Embedded Systems

We look forward to seeing you there!


100 43RD ST.

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