ECR Media Mentions: NPR,

There’s actually often a bias that we see where a developer will think that a certain scenario just won’t happen— ‘Oh, that bug you found will never occur in practice.’ [But] if you have a little bit of gray hair, you realize that these things do occur.
— Mike Wagner, CEO of Edge Case Research

First, we had a chance to talk a bit about how our company helps improve the software that powers autonomous robotics, vehicles, and other embedded systems. Mike Wagner was interviewed by WESA and NPR's Mark Nootbaar (@WESAmark). Mike talked a bit about how Edge Case Research's robustness testing methodology helps companies deploy robust software: reliable, safer, and secure code. You can find the streaming audio and accompanying article here.  

Second, Phil Koopman (@BetterEmbSW - yes, he's joined the dark side) had the chance to appear on the podcast, hosted by Elicia (@logicalelegance) and Chris (@stoneymonster) White. If you have strong opinions about Agile development in embedded, or paper airplanes, or breaking robots, you may want to take a listen. Also, if you are at all interested in embedded systems, best practices, and peer reviews - yup, that definitely comes up - then this will be well worth your time.

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