Mike Wagner to speak at ANSYS Automotive Simulation World Congress

CEO Mike Wagner will be speaking at the ANSYS's Automotive Simulation World Congress at the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba in Tokyo, Japan, on Friday, October 6 at 10:55am. The conference is dedicated to showing off the value of simulation in the automotive space, and particularly in the autonomous vehicle space.

The topic of his talk will be "Autonomous Vehicle Testing and Validation", and describes both the safety engineering challenges and paths forward in providing safe and reliable autonomous vehicles and robotics. 


We need more than a system-level "test-fail-patch-test" cycle to deploy safe autonomous vehicles at scale. Traditionally, we turn to software-safety standards such as ISO-26262 that are based on carefully tracing each type of testing to a corresponding design or safety requirement. However, it is now widely recognized that existing standards face challenges when applied to autonomy. Edge Case Research and Carnegie Mellon University have defined exactly how autonomy challenges traditional software-safety standards, and have identified promising solutions. These include the use of powerful simulation engines paired with artificial intelligence for exploratory robustness testing that efficiently finds "black swans" in autonomy software.

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