Peer review skill training

If you don't do formal peer reviews of your design and code you're missing the boat. It is the most effective way we know of to improve software quality, and is a powerful tool for finding bugs earlier in the software development process. When done properly, you should be able to find at least 60% of your bugs at stages where it has the greatest impact and has the potential for lowering the software development cost significantly.

Don't buy it? Below is an illustration of what happens when the a team implements peer review into their product development. [In the first chart, we see an when an embedded development team found bugs. Note that almost all of the bugs are found towards the end of the product development cycle - a time when a deadline is close and the product has to get out the door. Burnout? High costs? Delays? You bet.

Now the same team is trained in peer review. Five years later, the chart looks a lot different:

Not only did the team find more bugs, but they found them earlier in the development cycle where it is much cheaper to fix. The team avoided the last-minute dash to correct major issues before deployment and avoided burnout.All for a project cost of around 5-10% of the development budget.

If you're not doing peer reviews, you should be. 

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