• Switchboard pre-configured for use with ROS systems
  • Use robustness testing to speed development and improve reliability
  • Leverage cloud scaling to run more tests more quickly
  • Choose month-to-month or annual billing

Like standard Switchboard, Switchboard for ROS is robustness testing taken to the cloud. However, ROS testing using Switchboard is particularly useful when paired with parallelizable cloud testing. In addition, because ROS has a standardized interface, onboarding and test setup is particularly easy.

Switchboard for ROS is a highly configurable, parallelizable tool, compatible with a variety of different systems. Each new system under test (SUT) just needs an interface adapter, and systems that use a standard interface (e.g. ROS) can leverage existing adapters. Even more, once the tool is configured, you can test multiple iterations of your code as you develop it; as long as the interfaces don't change, no further configuration is required.

Once set up, it is possible to run as many tests as you want, over as long or short a time frame as you wish.

Anyone who uses ROS and its associated tools can use Switchboard for ROS. Gazebo, Simulink, Trucksim, and move_base are examples of tools where we have already done the work of building adapters for.

If you intend to deploy autonomous systems using ROS at scale, you should consider using Switchboard for ROS. In addition, even if you are considering a smaller-scale deployment, Switchboard for ROS is an invaluable tool for anyone who is deploying robotics in a safety- or mission-critical context.

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