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accelerated testing

Switchboard is a scalable, cloud-based automated robustness testing tool that finds ways in which complex software is unsafe or unreliable. Its scalability is virtually limitless; while it works with ROS out of the box, it can be adapted to any system.

No matter how many tests you run on a prototype or small-scale deployment, the real world has a way of presenting scenarios that you can't imagine or can't test for. Switchboard helps you find problems before your software is fielded.

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Robustness testing can find the bugs that you weren't looking for, and could not look for using real-world testing. We have found significant, system-level vulnerabilities in early and mature builds alike, including:

  • Loss of control authority
  • Out-of-bounds control signals (e.g., speed-limit violations)
  • Unacceptably poor responsiveness
  • Inappropriate state transitions
  • Collisions in simulation
  • Behavior that traces to violations of safety requirements

ECR's Switchboard robustness testing can efficiently detect and present failure modes to developers for further diagnosis. This saves significant work down the road and ensures that you will be able to deploy confidently, safely, and more quickly.