Switchboard is a cloud-based automated robustness testing tool used to assist robotics and autonomous vehicle developers find the ways that their system is unsafe or unreliable at scale.

  • Accelerate your development and ability to find critical holes in your software
  • Make your simulation testing more efficient and by extension your real-world testing
  • Cloud based testing that scales as far as you choose
  • Flat fee monthly or annual pricing
  • Full spec not needed – only a partial spec is required
  • Use ROS? Try Switchboard for ROS

Accelerated Life Testing

No matter how many tests you run on a prototype or small-scale deployment, the real world has a way of presenting scenarios that you can't imagine or can't test for. Instead of trying to divine the ways that things could fail, Switchboard can be used to define undesirable outcomes and then finds the circumstances under which your system does fail.

Combined with cloud scaling and simulation tools, Switchboard makes it easier to develop and refine your system more quickly. It finds those Black Swans before you deploy.

Because we’re not trying to build a system (just test it) we don’t need a complete specification.

Switchboard can be used on any system, and works best in concert with simulation tools. Once Switchboard is configured, you can test multiple iterations of your code as you develop it; as long as the interfaces don't change, no further configuration is required.

As a black-box testing tool, any system or simulator is compatible with Switchboard. ROS, Gazebo, Simulink, Trucksim, and move_base are examples of tools where Switchboard is already configured out of the box, but any system or simulator is compatible with Switchboard. 

Examples of System-level vulnerabilities found:

  • System crashes
  • Inappropriate state transitions
  • Collisions (in simulation!)
  • Behavior that traces to violations of safety requirements
  • Loss of control authority
  • Injury to humans (in simulation!)
  • Out-of-bounds control signals
  • Unacceptably poor responsiveness

The ECR team has been stress testing complex software for over 20 years. We have found a significant, critical bug - often one that violates a safety-critical requirement - in every system we've ever tested.

Whether dealing with an autonomous vehicle or consumer electronics product, in civilian or defense applications, newly-built code or even mature software, our robustness testing methodologies have been able to find issues that other methodologies don't.

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