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Edge Case Research's robustness testing methodologies have a variety of applications. One example is the use of robustness testing to assist in validating machine learning systems.

Traditionally, software testing seeks to answer the question “Does the software work?” By contrast, software stress testing asks “Can the software do something unsafe?” 

Stress testing intentionally explores your software’s behavior in response to these kinds of inputs that may seem unlikely but that your software will eventually see when “out in the wild”. Even mature software tends to be vulnerable when subjected to stress testing.

Results of our previous research at Carnegie Mellon show that a variety of systems, including commercially-available operating systems, widely-used open-source libraries, and controllers for automated vehicles all yield significant bugs when tested.

Edge Case Research combines scalable testing approaches and a deep knowledge of autonomy systems to provide our clients with cost-effective, relevant bug report and remedies.

ECR's experienced consultants take a cost-effective approach to make industrial controls, autonomous vehicles, robotics, the IoT and other embedded systems safer and more reliable. 

Lower your risk. Accelerate life testing. Be confident your system can handle everything the real world throws at it.

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When you are developing a product or preparing for deployment, do you know where your biggest issues are? Risk Identifications are in-depth diagnoses of your process and code in order to help you deploy more quickly and with confidence. We will find potential issues with your software and provide a path towards fixing those issues as quickly and painlessly as possible. 


There are times that an onsite assessment doesn't go far enough, or you have a knowledge gap that needs to be filled over time. We offer mentoring services that help you address these issues. Mentoring takes issues specific to your project or company and helps you to fix them with a dedicated team of professionals.


Sometimes your testing and software quality needs don't fit neatly into a single category, and sometimes you just need someone else to fix a problem. Edge Case Research has conducted many engagements in a variety of industries that address specific needs throughout the product development life cycle. We'll help to fix your problems quickly and cleanly, and get you back on track.


Investing in a company and need to know the quality of their technology and process? Doing due diligence but don't have the visibility that you would like? We take a proprietary process that evaluates not only the process but the software as well - a full technology audit. This week-long review of their software and their software development team will let you know not only if their software is sound, but gives you a better idea of whether or not the team can pull off the next project as well.

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