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Embedded code is different, as ECR learned from over 200 completed training engagements across a variety of different industries, countries, and cultures. ECR's experts have trained embedded software teams to develop high-quality, secure embedded software systems more quickly.

Led by one one of the most experienced and skilled experts in the field, Dr. Phil Koopman, our team will not only help you with your current project but make your next one better before you even get started. You can also find out more about Dr. Koopman on his Better Embedded System Software blog, or take the first steps on embedded software quality, security, and safety by visiting our training video library.


The Best Practices Assessment is designed to provide a balanced, cost-effective approach, with an emphasis on broad coverage of topics that are most likely to present risk to your development efforts. This risk-driven assessment is built on extensive experience from previous product and development team reviews.

Create a safer system. Edge Case Research Embedded Software Safety Training provides your product development teams with an understanding of best practices in the development of safe embedded systems. Our team has worked on everything from autonomous vehicles to industrial power systems to consumer smart thermostats; we can offer you the ability to implement safety properly and deploy with confidence.

Catch 60% of defects before you even get to software testing. Peer Review onsite training is designed to help teams learn and value proper peer review software quality development processes. Your developers will be broken up into small teams to learn the ins and outs of Peer Review and will be able to apply these lessons immediately.

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From expansive onsite or remote workshops helping your team fill the holes in their software knowledge to multiday onsite classroom instruction designed for groups of up to 25 developers, and everything in between. Edge Case Research can assist you to develop best-in-class competencies in embedded software quality, safety, security, and other disciplines for both engineers and executives, based on over 200 training engagements.

Related Services

When you are developing a product or preparing for deployment, do you know where your biggest issues are? Risk Identifications are in-depth diagnoses of your process and code in order to help you deploy more quickly and with confidence. We will find potential issues with your software and provide a path towards fixing those issues as quickly and painlessly as possible. 


There are times that an onsite assessment doesn't go far enough, or you have a knowledge gap that needs to be filled over time. We offer mentoring services that help you address these issues. Mentoring takes issues specific to your project or company and helps you to fix them with a dedicated team of professionals.

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