software quality preview videos

The videos below are shorter, condensed previews of the longer tutorials in our library. Here are the current topics covered in the Just a Minute series.

Software Quality

Creating Safe Systems

  • Safety Overview: A brief introduction on software safety topics, including safety principles and safety culture.
  • Creating Dependable Software: Covers the basics of computer dependability, including reliability, availability, and using parallel redundancy to improve dependability.
  • Critical Systems: covers critical systems, including the safety integrity level (SIL) approach to making systems safe.
  • Safety Planning: what goes into a safety plan for creating a safety critical embedded system. 
  • Safety Requirements: how to create good safety requirements and how to use a doer/checker architectural pattern to make the safety critical portions of your system simple.
  • Single Point of Failure: A preview of a tutorial that covers how to identify and avoid single points of failure in mission-critical systems.
  • Redundancy Management for Critical Systems: An introduction to a tutorial that covers the various redundancy mechanisms that are useful in creating a safety-critical (or mission-critical) system.
  • Critical Systems Isolation: Touches on techniques on how to achieve isolation between different levels of criticality (i.e., mixed-SIL isolation) in a safety critical system.
  • Safety Architecture Patterns: explains a variety of patterns for safety critical embedded systems.

Creating Maintainable Code

  • Dealing with Spaghetti Code: Complexity happens, and managing it is a challenge. This preview gives a brief idea on what how to measure and how to prevent excessive complexity.
  • Human Readability: Best practices for making sure that the next developer (or "future you") can understand and maintain the code that you've written.

Creating Secure Systems

  • Security Planning: Introducing the basic parts of what should go into a security plan, and a couple of tips on what not to do.
  • Security Pitfalls: a preview of a tutorial on the pitfalls and common mistakes that are made when trying to make embedded systems secure.

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